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New Year (2010) Eve


On the New Year eve (31 Dec 2009), Vijaya and I went to Mylapore. Collected a NY calendar from Lakshmi Vilas Bank. To Giri traders, and there purchased a lot of books. At the Music Section we saw heaps of the latest DVD of Smt Vishakha Hari – Sri ANDAL THIRUKKALYANAM; we promptly purchased one.

Then to Sri Kapaleeswarar Koil, my most favourite koil. Onto South Mada Street, we purchased vegetables for tomorrow’s Thiruvathirai Pandigai. No place like South Mada Veedhi for vegetables – this is my firm view.

To Ramakrishna Math Bookshop and purchased two copies of Srimad Bhagavad Gita. One of these is for Padma akka, to whom I am giving as a New Year/Pongal Gift.

Back home, Arvind told we are going for dinner to EDEN restaurent. This restaurent is just 4 minutes’ walk from our house!I ate Roti with Dal Tadka; Vijaya had Rumali Roti with Aloo Gobi.

As we neared our home, Vijaya and I decided to go to the beach to see the Sea water in the Paurnami moonlight. It was a good outing to…

The new residence at Besant nagar

Our life at Besantnagar started on 28 Nov 2009 (Saturday)

On the morning of 29th Nov, I explored the areas in the locality – the Elliots beach is about  7 mins walk, Sri Vallabha Vinayakar koil 10 minutes, bus terminus 9 minutes, Sri Ratnagiriswarar koil 7 minutes, Saroja’s house 15 minutes, vegetable shops 6 minutes walk. All very nearby and convenient.

The house has three bedrooms. A large garden on the three sides of the house. Three balconies of which two open to the garden. The third one is a closed one. Very airy and brightly sunlit. No need for either fans or tubelights. Incidentally, Aditi likes the garden very much.

After some difficulty (“address proof” needed) we got the Gas connection on 8th Dec, thanks to Mrs Tilakam Mohan who helped us. The first refill on 9th. We got the Aavin Milk card on 11th (“address proof”).

My BSNL telephone was connected on 1st Dec and activated on 2nd. Broaddband configured on 5th. ACs were fixed by 2nd. Arvind’s BSNL phone activated on 9th.

Thus our…

KVS Athimber Varusha Aaptikam

One year has gone by since KVS athimber left us last year on 25 Nov 2008. Yesterday (Wednesday, 9 Dec 2009) was the Varusha aptika Sraththam.

We two left our house by 07-15 (arvind dropped us at the bus stand) and we went by 47A and 71E (from Taylors Road); reached Ambattur by 9 AM. Sastrigals started the rituals by 1045 and it was over by 1245. 2 brahmanals ate. Then we had meals. Apart from Padma akka, Prakash, Rajeswari, Srividya, we were the only two extra. Srividya’s husband and daughters didn’t come because of exams.

Rajeswari and Srividya prepared the entire sraththam meals. Saroja and athimber came there by 6PM. After night meals, all of us slept there.

Thursday, 10 Dec 2009: Today is the subhasyam (grekkiam). Jayaraman, Kalyani, Purnima, Rajeswari’s parents, KVS’s nephew Ramakrishnan and his wife (total 11 + 4) were the additions today.

The rituals started at 0945 and ended at 1145; we fifteen ate by 12 noon. Rajeswari and Srividya prepared the meals. We took rest till 3PM an…

Shifting Residence

We came to  Karpagam Avenue, Raja Annamalaipuram, Chennai 600028, on 31 August 2005.

We were asked to “vacate” the house as the owner needed it for his office.

We arranged for a packers and movers (Rs 3500/-) and shifted residence on Saturday, 28 November 2009. The packer came at 1030 and packed things and made the first trip at 1310. Earlier Vijaya and Krithika had packed our clothes, books, and other small things in 15 cartons and kept these ready for loading. Arvind and Krithika went in the first trip, and returned by 2-45.

Arun took leave to help us; he brought lunch – சாம்பார் சாதம், தயிர் சாதம் - and we ate our final meals at Karpagam avenue at 1-30. The rest of the things were loaded and the 2nd and final trip was made at 5-15PM. I came with Arun in his car, Vijaya came with Arvind-Krithika-Aditi.

Final bye-bye to Karpagam avenue !
We reached the new house at Cross Street, Besantnagar, Chennai 600090. Unloading and arranging things. We had our meals at Arun’s house.

Our life at Besa…

பால் காய்ச்சிக் குடித்தோம்

We had a very happy and peaceful life at Karpagam Avenue 3rd Street, Raja Annamalaipuram, Chennai 28 since 31 August 2005. All good things come an end — in the first week of Oct 2009 the house-owner (Mr Ravikumar) wanted us to vacate the house as he needed it for his use. That was a stunning blow to all of us, more so because Arvind had enrolled the child ADITI in Harishri Vidyalayam only recently after paying a hefty amount. The school is nearby to Karpagam Avenue.

Arvind and Krithika started looking for another rented house and got one at  Cross Street, Besant Nagar, Chennai 600090. Another 3 BHK house, but a little older. A large garden surrounds the house. Rs 20,000 rent per month. The house seems to be good, and the location is convenient.

On the morning of Friday the 20th November 2009 we went to the house and performed the பால் காய்ச்சிக் குடித்தல் ceremony. Arun, Gayathri visited for a brief while.

We plan to shift on Saturday, 28 November 2009.

19.00 PM

Padur, Tirupporur,Mamallapuram

Our eldest son ARUN has planned to purchase a flat at Padur, about 25 km from Adyar. He took home loan from SBI. The registration was on Thursday the 19th November 2009 at the Sub-Registrar office at Tirupporur, another 10 km away.

Arun, Gayathri, Sowmya, Sriram, Vijaya, I, and Mr Balasubramanian (Gayathri’s father) started at 10-50AM on 19-11-2009. Earlier we reached his house at 0800 AM, had lunch there.

After travelling for 45 minutes on Rajiv Gandhi Salai (OMR), we stopped at Padur and saw the site where the building will come up. Now it is barren. From there, we went to Tirupporur. The Sub-Registrar office is located near the Murugan Koil tank. We reached there by 12 noon.

The signing of the official papers by Arun was completed by 2-15 PM. So now Arun-Gayathri are officially owners of the house. While waiting, we took idli there on the steps of the koil kulam. Sriram and Sowmya enjoyed the kulam water.

Once the main job was over, we decided to relax and proceed to Mamallapuram (aka …

Karpagam Avenue

We came to Karpagam Avenue, 3rd Street, Raja Annamalaipuram, Chennai 600028 on 31 August 2005 from 77/85, Aspiran Gardens, 2nd Street, Kilpauk, Chennai – 10 where we lived for 3 1/2 years from Feb 2002.

The house owner at Aspiran gardens was Mr Ratnakar Shenoy and at Karpagam Avenue Mr Ravikumar. The landline at Aspiran garden was 2644 4995 and at KA 2461 6845.

This house at KA is a 3-BHK and very convenient. Being near to Mylapore, Mandaveli, MRC Nagar, RA Puram was a boon to us. Particularly Mylapore, which is just 25 minutes’ walk from KA. Vijaya and I used to frequent the South Mada Veedhi and Giri Traders almost daily.

We visited many temples in Mylapore, RA Puram like Sri Kapaliswarar, Sri Velliswarar, Adi Kesava Perumal, Madhava Perumal, Veera Anjaneyar, Vinayakar, Iyappa, Saibaba koils. We used to visit many Sabhas, like Chettinad, PS High School, Bharatiya Vidhya Bhavan, Asthika Samajam, Sri Parthasarathy Sabha (Bheema Sena Garden) etc etc. There is no place in Chennai like Myla…

Vijaya's Pension


Vjaya was working as a PGT teacher in Defence Laboratories School, RCI, Hyderabad for nearly 13 years. After my retirement in August 2001, she too resigned her job, though reluctantly, on 25 June 2002. She was 52 then. We came to Chennai and settled here.

As per the EPF proviso, Vijaya was to get Pension, but only after she attains the age of 58. So, she had to wait till September 2007. She had been given a "Scheme Certificate" that was to be produced at the pension office on her attaining 58 years of age. AP/ 18059 / 85.

18-03-2008 We went to Hyderabad
However we could not submit the requisition in 2007. We went to Hyderabad on 18 March 2008 and there started our ordeal with the Office of Regional Commissioner of Pension at Barkatpura, Hyderabad. At this office we were footballed around from one floor to the other, to various Sections / clerks. We were told first to fill Form 10-C (part withdrawal) but later it was changed to Form 10-D (for Pension). We we…

Nadamaadum Vegetable supermarket.

Salaiyar Street is a small lane near our house at Karpagam Avenue, connecting RK Mutt Road. There are about 200 families, all lower-middle and lower class people living here.

Every morning by 1015 AM, a push-cart vegetable seller would enter this street from RK Mutt road side. Push-cart brimming with vegetables. Suddenly the families would appear and throng around his cart to buy vegetables. All his vegetables will be fresh, green,தளதளவென்று பச்சைப்பசேல் என்று இருக்கும். You will be tempted to buy a kg of Avarai, or 1/2 kg of kaththarikkai, or tomato maybe? So fresh, so tempting.

By the time he reaches the other end of this street, his cart would be 90% empty, vegetables sold off. This happens every single morning.

Politicians cry that the entry of big companies like Reliance or KPN would "kill" the small sellers. They should be brought here and shown the reality.

12:45 noon

Do we need horoscopes?

IS HOROSCOPE A MUST FOR A PERSON? This question taunted me a couple of days ago, and I started thinking: As soon as a child is born (or at least within a year or so) its horoscope is computed. Its Janma Rasi, Star, Lagnam, Dasa are calculated among other things.

For what use, may I ask? Star and the placement of the Grahas are only once needed when the child grows to the marriageable age and her/his parents look for a matching "Varan." Once the marriage is completed, do we use horoscope at all? In a majority of cases, the plain answer would be a NO. I have not even seen my horoscope once during the last 68 years! The same is the case with all my sons, daughters-in- law, and Vijaya's.

Some people may use it for predicting their current / future fortunes or otherwise, but they are in a low minority. Rasi Palan and Sani/Guru/Rahu/ Ketu Peyarchi Palan -- we know what they are, don't we?

So my question is :: IS HOROSCOPE A MUST FOR A PERSON? What is your thinking?


Magnificent Marina

The Marina beach in Chennai extends from Fort St George in the north to Light House in the south, about 4 kms long. Called South Beach Road, now Kamarajar Salai, the road was constructed in 1846. As my house is located in the south, my walk along the beach road actually starts from Light House to northwards. So walk along with me from south to north on the  South Beach road, with the Bay of Bengal to your right. 

என்ன, நடக்க ஆரம்பிக்கலாமா?

We commence our walk with the imposing building of All India Radio on the left. This is the first major building after Santhome Basilica down south. The AIR moved here in 1954 and to the more handsome building in the front in 1963. Just two years after BBC started in UK, AIR Madras commenced its broadcast in 1924 in Egmore. Then it moved to Rippon buildings in Poonamalee High road for 9 years. Later AIR reopened in 1938 in Marshalls Road, Egmore and finally to Marina.

On the opposite side (sea side) is the light house. Madras' first lighthouse was …


Satish got an offer of employment from AIRTEL and he came to Chennai on 22 Feb 2009 and joined the company at TNagar the next day. We asked him to stay with us. He was with us for about 8 months, but he expressed a desire to "live alone to get experience." He found a shared accomodation at KK Nagar and left our house on the evening of Tuesday, 13th October 2009, with his bag and baggage.

He gave us good company to all of us while staying here for the past 8 months. Aditi in particular adored him and was always with him playing and talking, calling him அண்ணா, அண்ணா (மூச்சுக்கு மூணு தடவை). The child will miss him; and I guess he too will miss Aditi.

09:30 AM on 15 Oct 2009

My impressions of Delhi

Recently, during Sep 26 and Oct 10, 2009, Vijaya and I (and Ashok-Neeraja) had gone to New Delhi and stayed with Vasu and Srikanth.

The first impression I got was that the city is very large; truly it has been claimed "a city of distances". People here do not mind travelling over 35 km to their office, in heavy traffic! I was told our Ravi once used to travel 40 km to his office, that too on a scooter! In Delhi a car is a must, I feel. Vasu and others eat breakfast while travelling, I am told.

Secondly, the METRO is all-pervasive in the city. Already there are 3 lines functioning; and before the Commonwealth Games start in 2010, this will be extended manyfold. Construction work goes on in a breakneck speed to beat the deadline. Result? Diversion, Excavation, pollution etc. The Metro is quite cool (AC), clean, efficient, and hi-tec.

Roads and flyovers are wide, unlike in Chennai. Even these are highly choked with traffic! A recent study says that, on an average, a car user waste…

Our Delhi Trip - Part 4

DAY 11: Monday, 05 Oct 2009 - DELHI Paalika Bazaar

After lunch at Srikanth's place, V-A-N and Jayashri and children left at 2-30PM for shopping at Paalika bazaar; they were joined by Vibha on the way. I stayed alone in the house, sleeping. They were back by 7-45PM, with a couple of handbags / travel bags.

Dinner at Ravi's place; Bama and Raghavan picked us up in their Alto car and A-N followed in cycle rickshaw. Steaming hot Paratha and Baingan burtha by Radha. Incidentally, Jayashri had also prepared baingan burtha for lunch! The big brinjal is plentily available in Delhi and they call our கொத்ஸூ as burtha !! Srikanth came at 10PM to pick us up.

DAY 12: Tuesday, 06 Oct 2009 - DELHI Sight Seeing

After breakfast at Srikanth's place we left house at 9 AM. We hired a car on 8 hr-80 km basis. First stop was Qutb Minar. An imposing structure. Neatly maintained.

Qutb Minar

Next we went to the Lotus Temple and sat for 15 minutes in dhyanam.

Lotus Temple, New Delhi

From there to Dolls'…

Our Delhi Trip - Part 3


DAY 10: Sunday, 04 Oct 2009 - AGRA
We left the hotel at Jaipur at 0600 and drove to Agra, 230 km away from Jaipur. The Jaipur-Agra highway is wide and clean. We had bread and butter in the car itself, a precaution thanks to yesterday's breakfast at Jaipur Expressway (Parantha and thayir !!).

Skipping Bharatpur, the famous bird sanctuary, our first stop was at Fatehpur at 0900. From the parking lot, one has to hire an auto to reach the Gate. The historical city was constructed by Mughal emperor Akbar beginning in 1570 and served as the empire's capital from 1571 until 1585, when it was abandoned for reasons unclear.

Akbar had inherited the Mughal Empire from his father Humayun and grandfather Babur. During the 1560s he rebuilt the Agra Fort and established it as his capital. With his wife Mariam-uz-Zamani he had a son and then twins, but the twins died. He then consulted the Sufi Saint Salim Chishti from the Chishti Order who lived as a recluse in the small town Sikri near Agr…

Our Delhi Trip - Part 2


DAY 09: Saturday, 03 Oct 2009 - JAIPUR
We hired a taxi for 2 days and left Srikanth's house at 0600 for Jaipur. Breakfast at a roadside dhaba. Jaipur was founded in 1727 by Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh II. Reached Amber fort (aka Amer fort) by 1030 and went around the fort. It was built by Kachhawa clan (Rajput) rulers in 1592. Located at 11 km from Jaipur, it is a major tourist attraction.

From Amber fort, we went for lunch, typical Rajasthani thali. Next, we went to the Maharajah Sawai Mansingh II museum, which is inside the City Palace.

Our next stop was the Jantar Mantar. The Jantar Mantar is a collection of architectural astronomical instruments, built by Maharaja Jai Singh II at his then new capital of Jaipur between 1727 and 1734. Very fascinating and interesting.

Then we proceeded to the famous Hawa Mahal, a palace built in 1799 by Sawai Pratap Singh. Called "the Hall of the Winds", it has five stories and is constructed of red and pink sandstone, highlighte…

Our Delhi Trip - Part 1

Ashok and Neeraja planned during July 2009 a trip to Delhi etc places; they requested us to join them for the tour to be undertaken in late September. We agreed. The entire tour plan, its execution was done by Ashok-Neeraja. He wanted us to fly to New Delhi but I asked him to book our onward ticket by Rajdhani Express and he agreed.

DAY 01: Friday, 25 Sep 2009 - RAJDHANI EXPRESS
We two woke up at 0345, had bath and started in a calltaxi for Chennai Central. The New Delhi Rajadhani Express left Chennai at 0610. 2AC coach. Breakfast, lunch, evening snacks and dinner were provided. Comfortable journey. We slept by 2130 hrs.

DAY 02: Saturday, 26 Sep 2009 - SRIKANTH HOUSE
We reached Hazrat Nizamuddin by 1030. Srikanth came to receive us. Srinath also came. We were home by 1130. Bath and we had a hot lunch from Jayashri. Evening Ravi and Sridhar came to see us. Ashok - Neeraj arrived by flight at 2115 hrs from Bangalore. A visit to Rishikesh and Haridwar is planned for the morrow and sin…

Appa's sraththam - 2009

Appa's Sraththam - 2009

We three brothers (Sugavanam, Jayaraman, and self) perform the sraththams of our parents every year at Chennai; our elder brother Sundaresan performs at Dapodi, Pune.

Appa's Thithi is Aavani, Sukla, Dwadasi.This year (2009) appa's thithi came on Tuesday, 01 September. Vijaya and I purchased all the grocery items four days before, from RK Mutt Road, Mandaveli. Two days before the thithi, we purchased all the vegetables, fruits incl vaazhaipazham from South Mada Street. A day before the sraththam, Vijaya had to go to Mylapore again (alone) to purchase Vennai, Vaazhai Ilai and Pushpam. This time we could get the long variety of pudalangkaai. For Amma's sraththam, we couldn't get.

Savithri came from Annanagar on 31 August at 9-15PM. Before her arrival, Vijaya and I cut all the vegetables, with "ample help" from Aditi. Veshti - Pudavai were washed and dried.On 1st Sept, the day of Sraththam, we three got up by 5-00 AM and started the work.…

Our Manni - PART III

Manni - Part III - The Rites - 9th - 13th August 2009, Srikanth's house, Delhi

09 Aug 2009 - Sunday - 9th Day rites

Got up at 0530; Jayashri and Raji wake up very early and start the routine. Rites started today. Sastrigal came at 0715. Vasu, Sridhar, Srikanth, Ravi performed the rites, left out from Day 3.

ஜீவன் இறந்த உடனேயே உலகை விட்டுச் செல்வதில்லை. அதற்கு வேறு ஒரு உடல் உருவாக்கப்படும் 10 நாட்கள் வரை இவ்வுலகிலேயே இருக்கும் என்கிறது கருட புராணம். அந்த ஜீவன் இந்த 10 நாட்களும் தங்கியிருக்க, சில கருங்கற்களை நிலத்தில் ஊன்றி, மண்ணினால் நன்கு மூடி, அந்த கல்லில் ஜீவனை ஆவாஹனம் செய்து, 10 நாட்கள் வரை தினஸரி எள்ளு ஜலமும், சாதமும் (பிண்டம்) தந்து நித்யவிதி செய்ய வேண்டும்.

இறந்த உடனேயே கல் ஊன்றவேண்டும்; இது முடியாதபோது, 7-ஆம் நாளோ அல்ல்து 9-ஆம் நாளோ கல் ஊன்றலாம் (ஆனால் உத்தமம் இல்லை). கல் ஊன்றிய பிறகு தினமும் வாஸோதகம் எனப்படும் துணி பிழிந்த ஜலத்தாலும், திலோதகம் எனப்படும் எள்ளு ஜலத்தாலும் தர்ப்பணம் பண்ணவேண்டும்.பிணடம் சமர்ப்பிக்க வேண்டும். இது நித்யவிதி எனப்படுகிறது.

முதல் நாளில் மூன்று எனத்தொடங…