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A Foodie, an Epicurean, a Gastronome -- all these words describe a person devoted to refined sensuous enjoyment (especially good food). There are many groups in Chennai (Foodies groups) who periodically - often - take Group-walks in a particular locality of Chennai famous for its street-food. MYLAPORE is the often-preferred locality for these food walks. For, Mylapore boasts of many eateries.

# Though I have not "walked" with any of these groups, I will tell you about a few eateries of Mylapore. In the East Mada street, there is Kalathi Kadai which offers delicious rose-milk (12.00). This shop is 85 years' old but the taste of its rose-milk draws the crowd even today. (Rs. 12.00 a glass). It also serves panneer soda and goli soda. 

# Nearby in the same East Mada Street is the legendary Karpagambal Mess. A hotel really, very old, very traditional, and very delicious food. Their idly, vadai, sambar, Adai, Aviyal, Wheat Halwa are popular.

# Not connected with the above Mess, b…