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PS Higher Secondary School, Mylapore

Subramania Iyer was born in Pennathur, Chitoor in 1860. His father P Veeraghava Iyer was the Dy Collector in Tirunelveli when he suddenly passed away. Unable to continue his B.A studies, Subramania Iyer joined Govt service to look after the family. But he met another Subramanya Iyer who was a legal luminary those days in Mylapore. This lawyer took care of the young Subramaniam and asked him to study law.

He became a Solicitor and in due course of time became very rich. He owned a palatial bungalow in Eldams Road which was occupied by Sir Norton, Saheb Usman, Sir CP Ramaswami Iyer among others. He owned some landed properties also.

 On his death, he bequeathed his entire properties to found PS Charities, Mylapore. PS Higher Secondary School was also founded at RK Math road, Mylapore, just opposite Ramakrishna Math. PS Charities has four other schools also in Mylapore.

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Grand old lady of Mylapore

Last time I wrote about Sister Subbalakshmi Ammal and her great achievements in girls' education. Today i will write about another noble soul who contributed a lot to girls' education.

There was an elementary school for girls in a rented building in Mylapore, Chennai, started in 1869. Called Vizianagaram Maharaja Hindu Girls School. Later it was taken over by a committee in 1904, moved to a new premises in 1910, and still later taken over by Annie Besant in 1918. Annie Besant re-named the school as National Girls School. In 1924 it became a high school.

After Besant left the school, it started decaying. That time there lived one Mr PS Sivasami Iyer - Pazhamaneri Sundaram Sivasami Iyer (07 Feb 1864 - 05 Nov 1946). Born in 1864 to Mr Sundaram Iyer in the village Pazhamaneri, Sri Sivasami Iyer had education in Presidency College and then Law College, Chennai. Later he became the Advocate General of Madras Presidency. He was also the vice-chancellor of Madras Univ (1916-18) and Ben…

Subbulakshmi Sister

Remembering the first Hindu woman, a widow, who 100 years ago this year received the BA degree at the Univ of Madras.

A long blog for sure but worth the time -  Read on patiently.

In order to appreciate the extraordinary achievements of this extraordinary woman, first you have to visualise the background of conservative and orthodox customs of the Brahmins in Madras in those days. Widows, often child-widows, led the most pitiable lives in houses where they were treated as unpaid servants and outcasts. Their heads were shorn of hair and they wore always the white saris (9 yards)even though they were children. Forbidden to attend all festivals and forced to subsist on one plain meal a day.

It was in this milieu that a girl was born in 1886 to RV Subramania Iyer, a professor in Teachers' College, Saidapettai, Chennai. The girl's mother, Visalakshi and her child-widowed Chitty Valambal were learned and instilled in the child all that was the best in Indian culture.

The child named Su…

Egmore Railway Station

(adapted from an article in today's Deccan Chronicle)

Egmore Station came into being in 1908 as just an unimportant, wayside station. The station subsequently witnessed addition of more services. Southern Railways was formed in 1951 and then on the station grew in importance.

During late fifties and through the 60s, one could witness cars and taxis going on to the platforms of Egmore Station, stop 3 or 4 feet away from the compartment - for the passengers to get into or alight from the train and get into the car !!

Major renovation works were done in 1930s and then 1980s. First electrified line was in 1931. It was upto Tambaram only but later extended to Villupuram.

One important train from Egmore was the Boat Mail to Dhanushkodi. The service was a link from Madras to Colombo those days. Passengers alighted at Dhanushkodi, took a ferry service to Talaimannar in Sri Lanka. This popular train was discontinued when Dhanushkodi was destroyed in a cyclone in 1964.

The gauge convers…