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Appa's sraththam - 2009

Appa's Sraththam - 2009

We three brothers (Sugavanam, Jayaraman, and self) perform the sraththams of our parents every year at Chennai; our elder brother Sundaresan performs at Dapodi, Pune.

Appa's Thithi is Aavani, Sukla, Dwadasi.This year (2009) appa's thithi came on Tuesday, 01 September. Vijaya and I purchased all the grocery items four days before, from RK Mutt Road, Mandaveli. Two days before the thithi, we purchased all the vegetables, fruits incl vaazhaipazham from South Mada Street. A day before the sraththam, Vijaya had to go to Mylapore again (alone) to purchase Vennai, Vaazhai Ilai and Pushpam. This time we could get the long variety of pudalangkaai. For Amma's sraththam, we couldn't get.

Savithri came from Annanagar on 31 August at 9-15PM. Before her arrival, Vijaya and I cut all the vegetables, with "ample help" from Aditi. Veshti - Pudavai were washed and dried.On 1st Sept, the day of Sraththam, we three got up by 5-00 AM and started the work.…