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My Mother's Ceremony Sraththam

My Mother's Sraththam Ceremony

Yesterday, 29 June 2005, was my mother's ceremony (Thithi) day.

Every year we three brothers perform this Thithi in the month of Aani, Sukla Ashtami. (The fourth brother performs it at Pune). We are joined by our sisters.

The ceremony is a tight ritual to be followed very strictly. The sastrigal comes by 1000 hours to conduct the ceremony with almost never-ending mantras and rituals. One day I will describe these rituals.

After about two and a half hours, the ceremony comes to an end with a feast to the sastrigal who is (are) considered to be that person for whom we are performing Thithi.

Clearly, it is a day for remembering those who had passed away long back with love and reverence.

Yesterday, we remembered our mother who passed away 22 years ago.

30 June 2005