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Sraththams we perform

We four brothers perform our parents' sraththam every year. Amma's thithi is Aani maasam, Krishna Ashtami (June or July). Appa's is Aavani, Sukla Dwadasi (Aug or Sept).

Vijaya and I performed these sraththams at Hyderabad till my retirement (2001). Then, we came to Chennai where we joined Sugavanam. Later, Jayaraman also came to Chennai and he joined us.

Year 2002, the two sraththams (amma & appa) were performed at Thiruvanmiyur.
Year 2003, on 21 June amma's and on 7 Sept appa's at Thiruvanmiyur.
Year 2004, on 9 July amma's; on 27 Aug appa's at Thiruvanmiyur
Year 2005, on 29 June amma's at TVM; on 15 Sept at our place Karpagam Avenue.
Year 2006, on 13 July and 4 Sept at Karpagam avenue
Year 2007, 7th July and 25th Aug at Karpagam avenue.
Year 2008, 26th June and 12th Sep at Karpagam avenue
Year 2009, 15th July and 1 Sep at Karpagam avenue.



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