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Seemantham - Ranjani

Seemantham of Ranjani (Lalitha-Kumar) was celebrated at Coimbatore RS Puram on Thursday, 11 June 2009. Ranjani and Praveen Kumar had come to India for this purpose from US.

We two, Indira, Kumar's sister and brother Chandru attended this function. All of us travelled together on 9th June to Coimbatore and were put up in a hotel at RS Puram. On 10th, after lunch at Gowrishankar, Cross cut road, we went to Isha Gnana Yoga Center at the foothills of Velliangiri, 35 kms away. Founded by Sadguru Jakki Vasudev, the Center has a Dhyana Mandapam, Theertha Kundam etc. A holistic and spiritual place, it attracts many people who come here for meditation and Dhyanam.

Next day,11 June 2009, was the Valaikaappu - Seemantham. Valaikaappu was from 0845 to 1000. Then Seemantham. It was over by 1215 and we had lunch. Evening we two went to Cross cut Road and purchased dresses for Sowmya, Aditi, Sriram.

All of us (we two, Lalitha-Kumar, his sister, brother Chandru, Janani, Pradyun, Ram's parents, I…

My new mobile phone - SAMSUNG

I was presented with a NOKIA phone on 31 Jan 2006 by Arun-Ashok-Arvind, and I have been using this Nokia for the past 3 years. The service provider is AIRTEL, Prepaid. They say it is "life time validity." I don't know what is the "life-time Validity."

The number is 98408 27434

This June 2009, on 3rd, the phone became "faulty" - its microphone malfunctioned. Instead of repairing the mic, I thought I would go in for a new phone. So myself and Arvind went to Viveks, Mylapore on 6th June (2009) and purchased SAMSUNG M-200.

I hope I get good service from this phone.

11-15 AM

Kumar-Lalitha Sashti Aptha Poorthy

Kumar celebrated his Sashti Aptha Poorthy (60th birthday) on 03 June 2009 at Annanagar West.

Rudra Ekadasi was performed at 05:00 AM; we didn't attend this. Ganesan had come from Mumbai on 2nd June afternoon 1:30 PM and he stayed with us. Ramani came by train on 2nd morning and he stayed with Lalitha at Avadi.

On 3rd, we two and Ganesan took ARUN's car with a driver and went to Annanagar by 0815. The rituals were going on already. Indira, Sruthi, Akila, Raja, Aparna, Jyotsna were already there. Later, Saroja, Athimber came. Gayathri, Sowmya, Sriram came with Sudha and her inlaws in a calltaxi. Krithika came with Aditi in their car, with a driver. Arvind took ill suddenly, so he couldn't come. TSG and mami came.

The function was a nice one; it was over by 1215 PM. After lunch all of us started leaving. We were home by 2-15PM.

11:00 am on 6 June 2009

79 and Still the reigning Queen ... The Deccan Queen

01 June 1930 - The Deccan Queen started its first journey from Bombay VT to Poona. It was the first deluxe train introduced in Indian Railways.

Today in 2009, it is entering its 80th year of service. Today commuters will cut a cake in honour of the Deccan Queen.

People have travelled in this train daily from Poona to Bombay and back over the years. For many of them this is a 'home away from home' - like, for sixty-two year-old Ashok Patwardhan who has travelled in this train for 42 years!

This is not just a train; but it is a culture, an icon, a habit. Talk to Poona-chaps and they will have numerous anecdotes to recall.

I have travelled in this train many times (the last time four years ago). This is what I wrote on 25 May 2007 to Sundaresan :

Mere mentioning the name of Deccan Queen has brought memories of my many pleasant experiences. Those days, the DQ was a real Queen, pampered and patronised by the British and the elite of Indians. There were other similar prestigious trains l…