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Chitra Santhe at Bangalore


Every year, on the last Sunday of January, Karnataka Chitrakala Parishath (Kumara Krupa Road, Bangalore 560001) arranges an exhibition of paintings and other artworks by Karnataka artists, old and young. It is called CHITRA SANTHE. A breath-taking exhibition for the entire day from 9 AM to 7PM.

The exhibition is held on the pavement on both sides of the Kumara  Krupa Road, for over 2 km long. Traffic is banned for the entire day.

The 10th edition of this festival was held yesterday, Sunday, 27th Jan 2013. Over 2000 stalls were there by artists exhibiting their lovely art. We two, Ashok, Neeraja, and Arun left house by 9:30 and reached the venue by 10:30. Since the CM's residence is also located here, there was a huge police presence.

We strolled along the stalls; even 12-13 year students had their exhibits. Even with a quick browsing it took around 2 1/2 hours to cover the 2 km route. We were back home by 2:30 PM after a satisfying day. Wonderful experience.


Sri Sita-Rama-Anjaneya Temple, Pathakota.

Earlier i wrote about the SitaRama Anjaneya Koil at Pathakota, 17 km from Hosur, on the banks of Pennaiyaru. We two and Savithri went there on 17th Jan 2013 (read here).

After I came to Bangalore,  I told about this koil to Ashok and Neeraja and they too were keen to have the darshan of Rama and Anjaneya. On 26 Jan 2013, Ashok asked me suddenly at 4-40 PM if we can go there that time. I consulted Savithri over phone and she said yes.

We four left house at 5-15 in car, went to Hosur. Savithri was waiting near GRT and joined us. We reached the temple by 6.40 PM. First we went to the full-flowing Pennaiyaru and lost ourselves in the serenity and beauty of the river. The scenic beauty oof the river is breath-taking. 15 minutes later we entered the temple. Built in 1932 for Sri Anjaneya only, this temple now has Sri Rama, Sita, and Lakshmana idols installed.

We had a wonderful darshan of Sri Rama and Anjaneya. Then we left Pathakota, for Sri Chandra Sudeswarar koil on a hillock in Hosur. Sr…

Our Bangalore Visit - Jan 2013 - Part 2.

Hope you read the Part 1. If not, read here. Now, Part 2.


13 Jan 2013 - Sunday - BHOGI

We invited Savithri from Hosur to join us for the festivals. She came here today by 12:30 noon. We performed the Poojai after she came. Then I offered her our Pongal seer.

Evening we five left for Reliance Digital in search of a CD player for Savithri. We did not get one to our liking, so we came back to Meenakshi Mall CROMA shop and purchased a Philips CD player (MP3, MP4, FM radio) USB input also. Ashok purchased a Panasonic Phone. What a huge shop!

14 Jan 2013 - Monday - PONGAL

Neeraja kept the Pongal Paanai at the auspicious time. Then we went to the terrace and performed the Poojai there. Karumbu and Manjal were available at Jayanagar. Ashok performed the Poojai. Neeraja prepared Sakkarai Pongal, Ven Pongal, Vadai etc. We had along discussion with Rama at Hyd re Sashti apthapoorthy for Sathyamurthy. At Chennai also Pongal was nicely celebrated at Padur and Kalakshetra Avenue.

15 Jan 2013 - T…

Our Bangalore Visit - Jan 2013 - Part 1.


The last time we visited Bangalore was in Feb 2012. (Read here). Now we planned a visit but many other pressing engagements in Chennai precluded such a visit. Most importantly, our grandson ARJUN was born on 2 June 2012 and he kept us very busy.

Finally, we started on the early hours of 5th Jan 2013 by Brindavan Express for Bangalore. We packed our breakfast and lunch for the journey. Arvind dropped us at the Central in his car. The train reached Bangalore by 2:15 PM; Ashok, Neeraja came to the Station in their car and we drove him.

My mama's son Mr JAGANNATHAN lives in Bangalore, Jalahalli and he had invited me to come and meet him. We phoned his wife CHITRA and fixed up an appointment for tomorrow.

6th Jan 2013, Sunday.

We started for Jalahalli at 11:30 after a lunch of Pulao. CJ's house is far away, nearly 40 kms from ours. We reached there by 1:45. CJ (75) and his wife Chitra live alone in a 3th floor flat, but his two sons live in nearby flats. He is somewhat invalid (t…