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SUGAVANAM'S Varushaptikam 15-09-2017

My younger brother SUGAVANAM (Sai Krishnan) had passed away on 27 August 2016 (aavani Krishna Dasami thithi) at Chennai. One year has gone by, and his Varushaptikam was on 15th September 2017 (Friday). It was performed at Subha's house at Pallavaram.

Sothakumbam was on the first day (14th Sept), next day was Sraththam and on the 3rd day (16 Sept, Saturday) was Grekkiam or Subasweekaram.
We two, and Arvind, Krithika, Arjun, left on 15th at 0730 AM for Pallavaram. We did not attend the previous day's rites of Sothakumbam. Pattu Manni had reached Pallavaram on the night 0f 13th and she attended it. Sastrigal came by 11-15 AM and the ritual was completed in one hour. Lunch for Sastrigal and Magesh, Subha, Pattu Manni, and two kids were over by 1-30 PM.
The cook who was arranged, did not come, so Sudha and Subha had started cooking. Sudha had arrived the previous night from Thiruvanmiyur. Vijaya and Krithika changed into 9-yards sari (madisar) and joined in the cooking. 
Sastrigal (Ran…

Appa Sratham 2017

This year, 2017, Appa sratham was on 02 September 2017 Saturday, at our house 3, Kalakshetra Avenue, Chennai. Avani, Sukla, Dwadasi      SIMHA Maase

We performed it in Hiranya roopam. The sastrigals came at 7-30 and completed by 8-10. Arvind, Krithika, Arjun joined us.

Sri VENKATESA SARMA and his brother Sri Venkatachala Vathyar came.  (1000 + 1000)

Payaththam paruppu, arisi, Vazhaikkai given to both the Sastrigals.