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Sugavanam's Illness

On 29th Nov 2013, Friday, we received an email from Sugavanam that he has been seeing doctors at Chromepet and Pallikkaranai for the pains he is suffering inside the anus. He thought it was piles and he consulted the doctors for this piles. The doctor after checking him told that he(the Dr) suspected something else - so he has taken samples of tissue for biopsy.

PET / CT of the whole body was taken at Bharat Scan, Royapetta for "LUMINAL ADVANCED CARCINOMA (Anal Cancer) has been diagnosed ! This will be clarified / confirmed by the Biopsy result. 75 - 80 days of Radiotherapy (five sittings a week) first will be done to reduce the size of the tumor. Simultaneously oral Chemotherapy also will be given. The radiotherapy will be at Kamakshi and later the Surgery at Chromepet. We were stunned, shocked, speechless. We two went to Sugavanam's house to see him and console him.

2nd Dec 2013 Monday : Sugavanam did not receive the Biopsy Report; so his treatment may start after 4th Dec …