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My Visit to CGHS Wellness Centre

On Saturday the 4th March 2017, Vijaya and I went for a walk around Thiruvanmiyur. While we were returning there was a huge trafiic; when we came near Maruntheeswarar koil, I hit a parked scooter and "fell down" (not exactly fallen, just I sat down, fumbling). I got up somehow, went inside the temple, sat there for 15 minutes and then walked back home. Except for some pain in my buttocks, I had no other problem.On 6th we heard the news about Gopu (passing away), so we went to Ashok Nagar, on 7th we walked to Besantnagar, on 8th to I seaward street, and Giri's shop. Once we returned home, I was on PC for an hour or more; when I went out of the room, Arjun saw me and exclaimed, "thatha, something black on you."Vijaya checked it up, it was a black patch on my neck, below the chin. Horrible. No pain, no itching, only the black color. This was on 8-3-2017.On 9th March, Thursday, we went to CGHS. They couldn't diagnose the cause. They suggested blood tests at Aar…