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Kalyani's hernia Operation.

KALYANI Jayaraman has been suffering from hernia problem for some time now. Jayaraman took her to Global hospital first, then to Billroth at Shenoynagar. Later, he came to Fortis, Adyar for treatment. He and Kalyani came to Fortis on 13th March, Monday for prelim tests. She was told to have treadmill test.

For this, they had to visit Indiranagar, they came to our house by 3 PM (13 March), stayed for 3 hours and then went for the test. It was successful and she was asked to get admitted on the evening of 15-03-2017.
They two, and the servant girl came to Fortis on 15th, got admitted. The surgery was at 0800 AM on 16th March (Thursday). We two went to Fortis by 8AM on 16th, stayed there till the operation was over at 10-30AM (successful). We left FORTIS by 1100, went to Saroja's house where Jayaraman is staying. Then we returned home.
Rajappa 11:45 17-03-2017

My Visit to CGHS Wellness Centre

On Saturday the 4th March 2017, Vijaya and I went for a walk around Thiruvanmiyur. While we were returning there was a huge trafiic; when we came near Maruntheeswarar koil, I hit a parked scooter and "fell down" (not exactly fallen, just I sat down, fumbling). I got up somehow, went inside the temple, sat there for 15 minutes and then walked back home. Except for some pain in my buttocks, I had no other problem.On 6th we heard the news about Gopu (passing away), so we went to Ashok Nagar, on 7th we walked to Besantnagar, on 8th to I seaward street, and Giri's shop. Once we returned home, I was on PC for an hour or more; when I went out of the room, Arjun saw me and exclaimed, "thatha, something black on you."Vijaya checked it up, it was a black patch on my neck, below the chin. Horrible. No pain, no itching, only the black color. This was on 8-3-2017.On 9th March, Thursday, we went to CGHS. They couldn't diagnose the cause. They suggested blood tests at Aar…