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Microsoft Lumia Phone 640

After losing my Lumia 535 earlier on 4th Feb 2015, I waited for 2 months and then, on 17-04-2015 I purchased my next phone - Microsoft Lumia 640 - from flipkart for Rs 11,999.00.

It is also a 5" phone. Corning Gorilla Glass 3.

1.2 GHz Qual CommWindows 8.1 updateDual SIM, 3G1 GB Ram8 GB internal1280 x 720 291 ppWiFi, EDGE, GPRS2500 mAh battery8 MP rear camera0.9 MP front cameraBright Orange.

rajappa 18-04-2015

Our Mumbai - Delhi Visits Mar-Apr 2015

Our Mumbai - Delhi Visits

#1. MUMBAI (Thane, Malad)

Vijaya and I left Chennai at 11.55 midday on Thursday, 19th March for Thane by Mumbai Express. We traveled by 3 AC. Traveled the entire day and night and reached Thane the next day (20th March) by 12.45 midday. Vishnu had come to the station to receive us. We drove to Regency Towers and had lunch. Savithri and Vasanth reached by 2 PM.

21-03-2015 At Sudhakar flat. 1st day rites of the Annual. Sithakumbam. At 3 PM we two went to Krishnaraj house and then to Nirupama house where Kamakshi is staying for the day. Kamakshi and Krishnaraj are leaving Mumbai permanently for settling in Bangalore by this April end.

22-03-2015 2nd day rites. Sugavanam came by flight from Chennai. Vijaya cooked.

23-03-2015 VARUSHAPTIKAM of Sundaresan. Vijaya cooked.

24-03-2015 Grekkiam. Went off well. Lunch from caterers. We two left Thane at 5 PM along with Sugavanam whose flight was at 7.30. After dropping him, Sudhakar took us to Malad to Ravi's house. We stay…