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Aadhar Cards for us

On 18 Sep 2013 Wednesday, we two went for registration of Aadhar cards. At Besantnagar. Our finger prints (10 fingers) were taken, photo of Iris taken. We stood for over 2 hours at the Middle school, Damodarnagar there.

On 30 Nov, 75 days later, Vijaya received her card. And I had to wait for a further 20 days and I received mine on 17 Dec 2013. Good work.

VIJAYA : 3369 7424 5360
SELF      : 4991 9929 5519

On 3 Jan 2014, we got the cards laminated and also took photocopies.

We went to SBI on 6th Jan and submitted the Aadhar details there. On 20th Jan, we registered with Gas agency.