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How we missed our train - Almost, that is ...

Vijaya and I had gone to Bangalore during Feb - March 2009. (know more about this). We were to return to Chennai on 21st March by Brindavan Express. Departure time was 2-30 PM.

On 21st, we and Ashok-Neeraja had an early lunch at 12 noon, and started at 1-00 PM from house for City station. Neeraja drove the car. We were smug as we had nearly 1 1/2 hours to cover the 16 km. Oh, we didn't expect the notorious Bangalore traffic-jam to upset our apple cart.

For the first 5 km, it was a smooth travel, but once we turned left from Dairy Circle into Hosur Road, the traffic snarl started. As the car moved inch by painful inch, we started having sweat and tense. Suddenly it was 2-20PM and we were still 2 to 3 km away from station. What a huge traffic snarl!

We were sure we would miss the train; Ashok-Neeraja decided to try Bangalore Cantonment station and so Neeraja turned and went towards Cant station. As she parked the car, it struck us that we had landed on the wrong platform (there are jus…

Ashok's Accident - (2)

Ashok's Left Ankle Surgery and After.

Earlier I had covered upto Feb 19th when the doctor told the review would be taken after a month on March 19th.

Thursday, March 19, 2009.

For the past 50 days since the accident on 29 Jan, Ashok was hobbling around with his one good leg. Today was the review day, and we started from house by 4-30PM for the doctor. With prayers on every one's lips, we met the doctor (Dr BS Jayaram at Sri Krishna Hospital, Banashankari 2nd Stage, Bangalore 70 Tel: 2671 1212, 2671 1113). Mr Ramasubramaniam, Neeraja's father was already present there.

An Xray was taken, and after a suspense- and tension-filled 20 minutes, the doctor reviewed the xray and declared Ashok as completely cured. "Throw away the walker, Ashok, you can start walking normally", said the doctor. Our relief was great. Thank you, God.

We returned the walker and then came back home. Ashok had suffered for the past 50 days and today we are relieved. However, Ashok complains of some…

The Great Scandal of 1900s

Recently, I read a book "Madras Rediscovered" by the Madras-historian Mr S. Muthiah. Many things in the book interested me; i am going to write about one of these. If you like history like i do, then this would interest you too. Read on:

George Arbuthnot, a Scot, came to Madras in 1777 and joined the firm of Francis Latour & Co in 1800. Later, one John de Monte joined this firm and these two took over (purchased) the firm in 1810, and renamed it as Arbuthnot de Monto & Co. After the death of de Monte in 1821, the firm became just Arbuthnot & Co. It was in the present Parry's Corner area.

Over the years, Arbuthnot & Co became a big establishment and a household name in Madras. Much later, the nephew of George Arbuthnot (the founder), named Sir George Arbuthnot became the head. The firm by then had grown a lot, with a banking business also. The head Sir G started "spending" the public money in various investments all over the world. Like, searching …