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Our Bangalore Visit - May 2013

Our Bangalore visit May 2013.

Ever since Savithri informed us that she would be celebrating her 70th birthday at Hosur, we had determined that we would go there. And then she informed that she is having RUDRAM at her house by 15 Veda Vidwans on 12th May and she asked us to come without fail. We agreed and started planning.

Initially we thought of travelling via Salem and so i booked our tickets to Salem for 2nd May and from Salem to Bangalore on 3rd May. From SBC to Chennai, I booked by the 0800 AM train of 15th May.

But, after i booked these tickets, Arvind told me suddenly to take ADITI also to SBC for a week; he would come to SBC and bring her back. So our rescheduling started;  I cancelled the Salem tickets and booked three tickets by Shatabdi (6 PM) express for 27th April.

Then, the Railways announced on April 23 that the new Double Decker AC express would commence from 25th Apr to Bangalore. I was eagerly awaiting for this Double Decker train, so I cancelled our Shatabdi tickets an…