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Another Long Walk

Another Long Walk

Yesterday, the 23rd of Jan 2007 my wife Vijaya and I went to Thiruvanmiyur to witness the Athirudra Maha Yagyam being performed there. This is performed under the blessings of Sri Saibaba Swamygal of Puttabarthi. For 11 days started on 20 Jan.

As we entered the South Avenue road we saw a huge crowd of men and women (women outnumbering men easily). We had to walk nearly 700 metres to reach the Homa Gundam. Very elaborate arrangements have been made and there were hundreds of Sai volunteers in white uniform to help. It was fabulous to see many old women as volunteers. The day's main Homam was over by this time (11:15AM) and so we were able to have darshan of the Gundam rather easily.

There were any number of usual shops on both sides of the road selling Sai trinkets. The entire road was full of Sai pictures and photos, a very satisfying sight.

From there we walked to Arun's house to see our granddaughter Sowmya. The child greeted us with her trade-mark BIG smile - …

Long Walks


Three days ago that is on Sunday the 21 Jan 2007, my wife Vijaya and I started on a long walk - even though I must admit that we didn't plan like that while starting.

From our house at Karpagam Avenue, we walked to Vijaya Shoppe, our grocers, and purchased a few things. From there to Coffee Day at South Mada Veedhi - this shop selling freshly ground pure coffee powder ("chickory" will not be found in this shop) is becoming more popular day by day. There will be six to seven customers at any given time waiting for the coffee powder to be ground and given to them.

Then we went to Chitrakulam to "see" the float (theppam in Tamil). It was not ready. So we went to Karpagambal Mess, a famous eatery on the East Mada Veedhi. Vijaya had adai-aviyal, and I had masala dosai. This eatery is there for over 60 years.

We trekked back to Chitrakulam where Sri Adhi Kesava Perumal's Thepporchavam (Float festival) is being celebrated for 5 days from 18th to 22nd Jan. …

Maathangalil Marghazhi

Maathangalil Marghazhi

The month of Marghazhi (Dec 14 - Jan 13) is considered to be very auspicious by Tamils.

One gets up very early, takes bath, and then goes to a temple to pray. Sri Andal, even in her childhood, was contemplating to marry Lord Vishnu (Sri Ranganathar) and as she grew up, she took a Vrath. She composed 30 paasurams (poems) in praise of the Lord, and this collection of songs is called "Thiruppavai". If we sing this thiruppavai songs in the month of Marghazhi early mornings, it is very auspicious. If not all the 30 songs, at least one song per day.

Sage Manickka Vachakar, one of the 64 Nayanmars (Shiva's devotees), has composed 20 songs called "Thiruvempaavai" and 10 songs called "Thiru PalliEzuchchi". One has to sing these songs also in Marghazhi.

A few TV channels telecast one song each from Thiruppaavai and Thiruvempaavai and arrange a scholar to give the spiritual meaning of these songs. For the first time in my 65 years, this year I…