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Paa - Revisited.

PAA - the film starring Amitabh, Vidya Balan, Abhishek, and Arundhati Naag - is a superlative film. Released in Dec 2009, it was a stupendous success film because of the greatest-ever acting by Amitabh, very ably supported by Vidya, Abhishek, and Arundhati.

I had written a blog on this film earlier. This (11 Dec 2011) evening we watched this memorable movie on a HD channel. What a film, what an acting by Amitabh. Words fail me to describe this movie and Amitabh's acting.

Last time when we watched this an year and nine months ago, Aditi was still younger - she didn't know many nuances then; now she has grown up (!) a lot, she enjoyed the acting of AB, her favourite actor. Questioned me non-stop on the dialogues, but she was immersed in the movie.

A great and memorable film. Have you watched it?


Tidbits :: The film garnered almost all the Best Acting Awards that year - for AB, Vidya Balan, Abhishek, and Arundhati Naag. Including the National Award, and the Filmf…