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Transfer of Funds - Various Methods

Prior to 1990, we had only Postal Money Orders if we have to send money. Banks issued Demand Drafts. Though they were highly useful those days, they started losing usefulness as te=he years rolled on. Some simpler, faster mode of transmitting was needed and the Govt of India founded the National Payments Corporation of India NPCI in late 1990s. It formulated many rules and regulations with the guidance of RBI and Indian Banks Assn. In 2005s it took shape andIndia has not turned back after 2005.
Year 2005 saw National Electronic Funds Transfer and Real Time Gross Settlement (NEFT and RTGS). The structure of the Banks were standardised - the Cheque Truncation System CTS was evolved with standardisation of Cheque leaves for faster clearing. Each branch of every Bank was allotted a unique Code - Indian Fnancial Systems Code (IFSC). It is a 11 character Code, first 4 alpha (name of the bank)next a zero and the last six the branch code. Using NEFT, one can send amounts upto 2 Lakh…



The AATTUKKAL in our Tirupapuliyur house was in the முற்றம்behind the kitchen. It was permanently cemented to the platform. A huge one, this Aatukkal was the main instrument for my mother to make batter for those lovely, tasty Idlis, dosais, adais, Vadais and what not. For several years since early 1950s.
My mother would take the exact measure of rice required for the family, and then the dal, soak them in different vessels overnight, she will grind these next morning in the Aatukkal. She will rotate the KUZHAVI with one hnd and push the rice / dal towards the pestle with the other hand. This is a hard job but she continued it, week after week, year after year.
Once the two batters are ready, she will mix them in a larger vessel, adding salt. Then keep it overnight for fermentation. Next morning, the MAAVU will be swollen and ready for preparing Idlis.
With (small onion) Sambar and coconut and pacchai milakai Chutney ready, she will steam the batter into fluffy, tas…