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How Induction Cooking Works ..


How do we cook in our homes? Or, what is meant by "cooking" ?

We put the "raw" food in a pot and then we apply heat to that pot/cooking vessel. The pot in turn transfers the heat to the food which is then cooked. The burner in the gas stove, for example, does NOT heat the food directly but it heats the vessel only. Cooking over the direct fire is done very rarely.

So, the keyword is HEAT. How do we generate this heat? In olden days we used to burn wood (விறகு) or coal. Then we used Gas, a combustible substance. We use electricity also to generate heat.

Now we will talk about a third method:

In the year 1820 the physicist OERSTED discovered that if current is passed through a wire, magnetic field is created around the wire. This sparkling discovery led to electromagnetism and to many researches by Andre AMPERE, Micheal FARADAY, Heinrich HERTZ, MAXWELL etc physicists; in 1873 MAXWELL published his Laws on Electromagnetic The…