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500 Posts

I started writing blog-posts on 14th July 2004. I have four blogs now - My Musings, En Ennangal (Tamil), My Grand-daughters, Sampoornam Vilas (recipes and cookery).

Yesterday - 07 May 2011 - i wrote and posted my 500th post !

Year-wise, in 2004 i wrote 14 posts.2005= 7 posts
2006= 27
2007= 71
2008= 86
2009= 129
2010= 124
2011 (07 May) = 18

I wrote the maximum about
Mylapore in 25 posts
Vishakha Hari in 24 posts
Velukkudi Krishnan in 22 posts.
08 May 2011
1000 AM

Anna Centenary Library, Kotturpuram

ANNA CENTENARY LIBARARY (அண்ணா நூற்றாண்டு நூலகம்) is a newly established State Library of Tamilnadu. It was declared open on 15th Sept 2010. Located in Kotturpuram, Chennai.
This last Sunday, 1st May 2011, we hit upon the idea - we will go and see this library. No serious reason, but a sudden whiff of fancy. Vijaya, her old classmate and friend Mrs Prema, and I left house at 3-30PM. A bus upto Madhya Kailash, and an auto thereon, left us at the gates of this huge, beautiful building at 4 PM.
From the outside, it was immensely impressive and imposing - maybe of 9 or 10 floors, exquisitely constructed. As we walked the lawns to reach the Main Entrance, the interest in us was bubbling. (Caution: Handbags, Cameras are strictly prohibited. Even waterbottles are not allowed inside the halls.) There is a 5-feet bronze statue of Mr CN Annadurai, in whose name and honour this library is built.

This is the Tamilnadu Chief minister Mr M Karunanidhi's pet project and he, as usual, has overseen t…