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Hoardings Gone

If you had gone out of Chennai before the 1st week of April 2008 and returning now, or if you are a home-bird in Chennai not venturing out of your home since April 1st week ... beware, a cultural shock awaits you on your return to the City. Be forewarned.

As you walk/ travel in a bus/ drive through the main roads of Chennai, you will be jolted suddenly with large number of trees, and pleasant greenery all around you. A truly amazing sight.

Just walk/drive along towards Usman Road in Thyagaraya Nagar from Pondy Bazaar, as you approach Panagal Park - hey whats this, where have we landed, are we in Panagal park? The fresh air, the greenery, the PANAGAL PARK itself - the view is quite amazing.

People who have lived in Chennai for years are wondering - where were these trees, this greenery all these years?

Travel across the Adyar Bridge, near Malar, you will be speechless to view the grand scenery the river presents. Even the Mandaveli Signal is looking very different, very pleasant.

This is tr…