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Savithri Shifts to a new, but rented house

Savithri shifted house on Thursday, the 27th of November, 2014. She requested us to come to Hosur for help. We went to Bangalore on 24th Nov and from there to Hosur on 26th morning. We two, particularly Vijaya, helped her in packing and other things.

On 27th, we shifted to the new house by 8AM  and had Milk boiling. Our breakfast was at the new house. A two BHK, dining area, two bath rooms with Western style WCs, two balconies, well-lit and well-ventilated, two lifts. 3rd floor. T8A, on the Avalapalli road.

Vijaya and Savithri worked tirelessly in arranging the house.

Ramesh who had reached Hosur on 27th Nov, left for Chennai on 29th night, and we returned to Bangalore in Ashok's car on Sunday 30th Nov

A good house.


Rajeswari Prakash

On 1st October 2014, when I first heard that Rajeswari (43) wife of Prakash Venkatasubramaniam was afflicted with Cancer, I was speechless. We went to see her on 3rd Oct at her parents' house on the South Avenue, Thiruvanmiyur. She was pale and exhausted, hairless - it was difficult to recognise her as our Rajeswari that we know.

Then she was admitted in Apollo's for further treatment on 2nd Nov. Her condition turned worse and doctors lost all hope and suggested to take her home. She was discharged on 6th Nov, and we two went to Ambattur to see her. Prakash was inconsolable.

Next day, 7th Nov 2014, Friday, Rajeswari passed away at 0300 AM. We rushed to Ambattur after informing our relatives on phone. She was cremated at Ambattur by 12 noon.

A tragic, sad, and distressing end to an young lady. She was ever so pleasing and a gentle woman.

Born 06-02-1972. 

Very tragic. RIP


The 10th day rites was held on 16th Nov Sunday, we couldn't go as I had fever but Arun, Ashok…

We went to Coimbatore (Girl-Seeing for Satish)

RAMA, Satyamoorthy, Santosh, and Satya arrived in our house from Hyderabad on 1st November 2014. We two joined them to go to Coimbatore to see a girl for Satish. All 7 of us left by Cheran Express 10.15 PM.

The train reached Coimbatore by 6.45 AM 2nd Nov. The girl's father had booked two AC rooms at a hotel Legends' Inn just opposite to Station. After bath and breakfast, all of us left for the girl's house at Gandhinagar.

APARNAH SREE is the daughter of Ramesh - Kanchana. Kanchana is the younger sister of Shobana. All of us liked the girl and it was just a formality. We had lunch there and after chatting with them for a while, we returned to the hotel. Rama and others left for Hyderabad by 4 PM train. 

We two went to Gopalan's house in an auto and spent time with them. Dinner there and returned to the hotel. We left in the morning (3rd) for Chennai.

The marriage will be on 1st May, 2015 Friday at Coimbatore.


Digital Route

This morning (27 Oct) there was an article in the newspaper re the increasing trend in India of using digital route in money and financial matters. That inspired me to have a check – how much do I use this digital route?
I use the Microsoft Office extensively since a long time; recently I have started using their OneNote.For the past 10 years, I use Net Banking. Not just for checking balances, but also for transfer of funds through NEFT.I receive my credit card statements through e-mail and I pay these via net banking. The subsequent receipts saved in my Cloud.I receive bank account statements through E-mail and save these in a Cloud account.Telephone Bills I receive monthly through E-mails and BSNL portal. I pay the Bills through Net banking and the receipts thereof I save in Cloud account.Mobile recharging (Pre-paid) amount for our three mobiles is through AirTel portal, and paid through my Net banking,Railway Tickets I book through IRCTC portal. Ticket Fare paid through Net Banking.No …

A new SIM Card 8870954851.

As I put the previous SIM card, 50860 48545 in the Micromax phone, the old Nokia Asha phone needed a new SIM. We wanted to use this phone also as it was just 1 year old.

We purchased a new prepaid SIM from Airtel, MG Road on 01 Oct 2014 with number 88709 54851. Normal size SIM and I inserted it in my SAMSUNG phone. It was activated on 7th October only! Within 20 minutes of its activation, I asked for and got a new MICRO SIM from Airtel for Rs 25.00. Same number 88709 54851.

It was activated on 8th Oct, I inserted it in Micromax phone as the second SIM. Once Arvind returned from Hanoi, I took it out and inserted in NOKIA ASHA on 12th October.

Now, we have THREE working phones with the following numbers :

1)  SAMSUNG PHONE, SAN, 98408 27434, Normal size SIM




Venkataraghavan (aka) VIJAY

VIJAY, son of Jayaraman, passed away on 20th September 2013 at Puducherry.

His annual rites were on 9th, 10th, and 11th October 2014. [Thurs, Fri, and Saturday]

Jayaraman performed the first two days' rites at Mambalam. The earlier Unamaasikam was also done at Mambalam.

The Grekkiam (Subasyam) was to be performed on 11th at Jayaraman's Chennaipattinam house; he had asked all of us to come and attend and we agreed. But suddenly, for reasons known to him, he announced, "I have cancelled the Grekkiam; need not come." So, none of us went on 11th Oct (Saturday)

Thus, the rites of Vijay were "performed."


New Mobile MICROMAX for Vijaya

Earlier, on 08 August 2013, I had purchased a NOKIA ASHA 501 mobile phone (Rs. 5000.00) for Vijaya, from Flipkart.

This year , on 9th Sept 2014, I booked another phone, MICROMAX NITRO A310 from Snapdeal. A 5 inch screen, with many Smart Phone features, it was delivered on 11th Sept 2014  [Saturday]. Cost : Rs 12990.00

This phone has been fitted with 80560 48545 micro SIM.


அப்பா ஸ்ராத்தம் - 2014

அப்பா ஸ்ராத்தம் 06-09-2014

அப்பாவின் ஸ்ராத்தம் இந்த வருஷம்  செப்டம்பர் 6 சனிக்கிழமை  நடந்தது. வழக்கம் போல 5 நாட்களுக்கு முன்பே மளிகை சாமான்களை வாங்கிவிட்டோம். மார்த்தாண்டன் கடையிலிருந்து வாங்கினோம்.

வெள்ளிக்கிழமை 5-ஆம் தேதி நாங்கள்  திருவான்மியூர் மார்க்கெட்டிலிருந்து காய்கறிகள்  காய்கறிகள, பழங்கள், வாழையிலை வாங்கினோம். அன்று மாலை 4-45க்கு காய்கறிகள் நறுக்க ஆரம்பித்தோம்; 7 மணிக்கு முடிந்தது. பாத்திரங்கள் தேய்த்து வைப்பதும் முடிந்தது.

மறுநாள் 6-09-2014 காலை 4 -30க்கு இரண்டு பேரும் எழுந்து, குளித்து விட்டோம்; ஸ்ராத்த சமையலை விஜயாவும் கிருத்திகாவும் ஆரம்பித்தனர். 7-30 முதல் ஜெயராமன், கல்யாணி, மங்களம், வந்தனர். விஜயா, கிருத்திகா, மங்களம், கல்யாணி ஆகிய நால்வரும் சமையலில் ஈடுபட்டனர். பின்னர் காயத்ரி, அருண், குழந்தைகள், சுகவனம் வந்தனர். அடுத்து, சதீஷ், மகேஷ், சுபா, குழந்தைகள் வந்தனர். கடைசியாக ஹர்ஷிதா (சுதன் குழந்தை) வந்தாள்.

10:15 க்கு 2 பிராமணாளும் சாஸ்திரிகளும் வந்தனர். ஸ்ரீ வெங்கடேச சர்மாதான் வாத்யார்.  10:35க்கு ஆரம்பித்த ஸ்ராத்தம் 1-!5 க்கு பிராமணாள் சாப்பிட்டதும் 90% முடிந்தது. சாஸ்திரிக…

Amma Sraththam - 2014

Amma's Sraththam - 2014

Amma's Thithi is Aani, Krishna Paksham, Ashtami.

This year (2014) amma's thithi came on Friday, 20 June 2014.

Vijaya and I purchased the grocery items from Marthandam Stores, Lakshmipuram, Thiruvanmiyur. Vathyar Samangal like erumuttai, saraay were available in the house. A day before the thithi, on 19-06-2014,we purchased all the vegetables and fruits, and Vazhai Ilai from Thiruvanmiyur market.  Earlier we purchased four blouse bits from Mylapore. 

On 19th evening, Vijaya and I cut vegetables. and made all prelim works. 

On the day of Sraththam, we two got up by 4-45 AM and started the work. At 08:00 Jayaraman came with Kalyani and Purnima. They have shifted to Chennaipattinam 45 km away recently. Sugavanam followed. Saroja did not come and Mangalam had gone to Thiruvannamalai. Later, Gayathri came.

Vijaya, had finished the cooking by the time Jayaraman came. Kalyani joined her later.

Sri Venkatesa Sarma (Sastrigal) came by 10-30 and started the rituals a…

Sundaresan - Part 2

01-07-1937                    03-04-2014

Sundaresan was born at Salem on 01 July 1937. He had his earlier education at Salem where our parents lived that time. Later, they shifted to Cuddalore circa 1948. We lived there for nearly 45 years.

Sundaresan had his higher school education at St Joseph’s High School, Manjakuppam and passed out in 1952. Then he joined Tamilnadu Polytechnic, Madurai for his LEE (electrical) diploma. He lived there at our eldest mama ,Sri Chidambaram Iyer’s house for three years who and mami took good care of Sundaresan. After obtaining his LEE diploma, he came back to Thirupapuliyur where our father, Sri GR Subramania Iyer put him in TNEB office at Villupuram. He served at a couple of places in South Arcot Dist and moved to Western Tamilnadu to places like Puliampatti, Singarapettai, Thiruppaththur, Perundurai, Coimbatore, Ooty (Kunda) and other places. Just after our marriage in 1971, Vijaya and I went to his Thirupaththur house, stayed wi…

Sundaresan - Part 1

Thursday 3 April, 2014. 4 PM

My landline phone rang and when I answered, it was Suresh and he gave the most stunning and unbelievable news that SUNDARESAN, his father and my elder brother, had passed away at Dapodi Pune an hour earlier (3:05 PM). I couldn't find words to speak or console him.

As per his request, I started calling everyone in the family and conveyed this sad news. Sundaresan was suffering from minor ailments (or so we thought) for the past 7 days. He and Manni were to leave for Thane for further treatment; Suresh came in car to pick them up. As they came one floor down, on the 1st floor, Sundaresan felt unwell, wanted to sit, and sat in a chair, but collapsed suddenly. A few seconds ago he was speaking, next second he was no more. He was 76 and 9 months.

We two planned to go to Thane / Mumbai by 5 AM or 8:30 AM flight, but we were told the rites would be over by the time we reach Pune - so we dropped that idea.

4th April 2014 Friday.

Sundaresan was cremated by 12 n…

Sugavanam's Illness

On 29th Nov 2013, Friday, we received an email from Sugavanam that he has been seeing doctors at Chromepet and Pallikkaranai for the pains he is suffering inside the anus. He thought it was piles and he consulted the doctors for this piles. The doctor after checking him told that he(the Dr) suspected something else - so he has taken samples of tissue for biopsy.

PET / CT of the whole body was taken at Bharat Scan, Royapetta for "LUMINAL ADVANCED CARCINOMA (Anal Cancer) has been diagnosed ! This will be clarified / confirmed by the Biopsy result. 75 - 80 days of Radiotherapy (five sittings a week) first will be done to reduce the size of the tumor. Simultaneously oral Chemotherapy also will be given. The radiotherapy will be at Kamakshi and later the Surgery at Chromepet. We were stunned, shocked, speechless. We two went to Sugavanam's house to see him and console him.

2nd Dec 2013 Monday : Sugavanam did not receive the Biopsy Report; so his treatment may start after 4th Dec …

Aadhar Cards for us

On 18 Sep 2013 Wednesday, we two went for registration of Aadhar cards. At Besantnagar. Our finger prints (10 fingers) were taken, photo of Iris taken. We stood for over 2 hours at the Middle school, Damodarnagar there.

On 30 Nov, 75 days later, Vijaya received her card. And I had to wait for a further 20 days and I received mine on 17 Dec 2013. Good work.

VIJAYA : 3369 7424 5360
SELF      : 4991 9929 5519

On 3 Jan 2014, we got the cards laminated and also took photocopies.

We went to SBI on 6th Jan and submitted the Aadhar details there. On 20th Jan, we registered with Gas agency.