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Hyderabad Tour

Vijaya and I went to Hyderabad recently. We started on the evening of 17 Mar 2008 from Egmore, Chennai. The train went via Park, Fort, Beach, Washermenpet stations before joining the main line at Vyasarpadi. I am seeing the Fort and Beach etc stations for the first time.

We reached Kacheguda the next morning by 7-30. We were told that the local train (MMTS -Multi Mode Transport System) would arrive on PF 3. So we lugged our suitcases climbing the overbridge. Later, at the last moment, the announcement said the train is coming on PF 1 !! We had to lug once again via the overbridge. In fact, we had to climb overbridges in all the stations during our visit to Hyderabad. It was the norm.

The MMTS trains are clean and nice. Even allowing for the unusually long stoppages at Kacheguda and Secunderabad Stations, the travel was faster. After bath and breakfast at Rama's place in Ashoknagar, we boarded another MMTS for KCG to go to the Pension Office there. This office is located at Barkatpur…

Sujatha - Tribute continued

Yesterday, Sunday, 2 March 2008, afternoon 4-15PM. Narada Gana Sabha in TTK Road, next to Arvind’s office.

Vijaya and I left house at 3-15 PM and reached the place by 3-45. A Condolence Meeting had been arranged to remember Sujatha and share the feelings. Three large photos were placed in a prominent place with floral respects. A really large basket with full of flowers and a large thattu (Thambalam) with fresh roses were also kept. Taking the hint, we two paid our floral respects to the great writer. Everyone did.

We entered the Hall – though we expected a decent crowd, we never imagined that the Hall would be so full half hour before the start. Shows how many people were attracted by Sujatha’s writings. When the programme started, the Hall was full.

Cine actor Parthiban, Kanimozhi, ManushyaPuthran, Cine Director Vasanth, Uyirmai publishing house had arranged this meeting. Kanimozhi came, greeted everybody (VIPs) individually and left in 15 minutes. Many spoke, shared their feelings wi…

Sujatha - A Tribute

SUJATHA – A Tribute
Sujatha (May 5, 1935 – Feb 27, 2008) was one of my favorite writers. And I am positive that he was the favorite of many of you also. He passed away last night (27-02-2008) at Apollo, Chennai due to cerebral haemorrhage and kidney failure.

He was a prolific writer in Tamil and he has written a number of novels and short stories. He was really multi-faceted. He was strong in ancient Tamil literature (Sanga Thamizh) and also in Vaishnavite literature. His forte was Science fiction and he has written many Sci-Fi novels and stories in Tamil. Having a background of Science and Technology – he had a Master’s Degree in Electronics – he wrote with authenticity. In fact he introduced many scientific ideas and thoughts to the ordinary Tamil people also.

Almost all of his writings are quite famous. Like, his “Srirangathhu Devathaikal” a collection of short stories. No one can ever forget the characters Ganesh and Vasanth who appeared in many short stories. “Thoondil Kathaikal” wa…