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My Thoughts

Dear Vasu,

I wouldn't say "thanks" to your wonderful comment on my recent blogpost. I know that you, Suresh, Jayaraman, (and many others like Sudhakar, Magesh, et al) of our family have wonderful writing / expressing ability and skill. It is ingrained you see. Only people don't find time to sit and write / express their thoughts.

I am sure you and all others would spare a few minutes daily / weekly and continue posting.

I consider it my greatest fortune and Sri Rama & Sri Krishna_blessed opportunity that we shifted from Kilpauk to this present house three years ago. It is so near to Mylapore, the Cultural Capital of Chennai and Tamilnadu. Do you know that, if you draw a circle of just 1 1/2 or 2 km radius with the Sri Kapaleeswarar Koil Kulam as its centre, you have -

(a) more than 8 Easwaran (Shiva) koils, all ancient and grand.
(b) three Perumal koils, again very ancient, and grand
(c) a great Saibaba temple
(d) two Aiyappa temples,
(e) four large Sri Anchaneya Koils (…