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Back to Eco-Friendly Ways


Many super-markets and shops in Chennai are becoming increasingly eco-friendly by promoting use of non-plastic bags. Previously the shops used to pack the purchased items in plastic carry-bags and give them to the customers. Now, they are changing.

Nilgiris, one of the upmarket shops in Chennai, is encouraging use of non-plastic bags by offering 1% discount if you bring your own jute / cloth / paper bags. On the other hand, Subhiksha, another middle-class retailer shop, charges 1% extra for their carry-bags ! Trinethra, another super-market shop, uses paper bags. Kalyan Stores in Mylapore packs all the commodities; like dhals, butter etc, in old-fashioned newspapers, tying them with jute thread (sanal kayiru) from overhead.

More and more people, those who care for a better Environment, have started carrying jute or cloth bags when they go for vegetables or grocery. The much- ridiculed "yellow" cloth bag (manjal pai) is taking a re-birth. Carrying bags …

A Tale of Two Cities


When I was in school in 1950's, one question in Geography used to pop up often was - "If Bangalore and Chennai are at the same latitude (13 deg North), how come the weather in these two cities differ so much?" The answer, of course, is "Bangalore is at 3000 feet (914 metres) above sea level," and this 914 metres makes all the difference !

I had gone to Bangalore quite a few times since 2003 and every time I feel this "difference" - Chennai will be - ALWAYS - hot, and humid, sweating and sultry, and Bangalore will be cool and pleasant. It is a pleasure to walk in Bangalore any time of the day and if it drizzles a wee bit, it is heavenly.

Take steaming hot-water bath, use razaais and quilts, wear your finest sweaters, and shawls. Eat piping hot makka-buttas or bajjis. Pleasures you can't think of in Chennai.

If only there was less traffic in Bangalore !!

12:20 August 18,2006