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Our Bangalore Visit - Jan 2013 Part 3


I covered upto 21 Jan 2013 in Parts 1 and 2.

22 January 2013 -Tuesday

Evening we two went to Meenakshi Maal and purchased some items there.

23, 24, 25 Jan 2013

Spent in house only.

26 January 2013 Saturday Pathakota Temple, HOSUR.

Morning at 1100 we went to Reliance Digital shop and purchased speakers for PC. Logitech USB model (rs 495.00) for me and Ashok.

Evening 5-15 we two, Ashok, Neeraja left for Pathakota Sri Ramar Koil. Savithri also joined us at Hosur. We spent 15 minutes at the Pennai river at Pathakota and another 30 minutes at Sri Ramar koil. Read my blog elsewhere. Then we went to Sri Chandra Sudeswarar Koil also. Had dinner at a hotel in Hosur and dropped Savithri at her house. Returned to our home by 11 PM.

Arun paid the school fees for Sowmya and Sriram.

27 January 2013 Sunday CHITRA SANTHE

We two, Ashok, Neeraja, Arun went to the annual festival of Arts CHITRA SANTHE at Kumara Krupa Road. Read my blog elsewhere.

28 January 2013 Monday

All of us went to Prasanna's new fl…

Koti Lingeshwarar Koil

KOTILINGESHWARA TEMPLE, Kolar, KarnatakaThis Sunday (3 Feb 2013), we woke up early (early for a Sunday) and took bath and left house at 07:10 in Ashok's car. We (Neeraja, Ashok, Vijaya and I) left for the KOTI LINGESHWARAR Koil near KGF, 110 km from Ashok's house.

We drove thru Silk Board, Marathahalli, Whitefield. This is not the shortest route but we went to see Ashok's office SAP and Arun's hotel at Whitefield ! We drove thru Old Madras road, a 6-lane highway to Chennai.

We crossed Hoskete and then halted at Narsapur at 08:45 to have breakfast at KAMAT UPACHAR, a crowded but a good hotel. We resumed our travel, went on to KOLAR town, and then Bangarapet. Driving further, we reached KGF, the erstwhile Gold Fields, now no gold, nothing !

At a place called Kammasandra, a few km from KGF, the famous Koti Lingeshwara Temple is located in a 15-acre land. Founded in 1972, this koil has ONE CRORE Shiva-Lingas all over, row after row ! What a breath-taking sight !

Sri Manjunath …