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Subashni's Marriage at Salem

Shri Ramani  Butter (ரமணி பட்டர்) of circa 1725 is my 7th ancestor. He is followed by Srikanta Iyer, then Sri Venkatesa Iyer - Alamemu Ammal, then Sri CHIDAMBARA Iyer - Seethalakshmi Ammal.

This great grand thatha of mine had four sons, the youngest being Sri BC NARAYANASWMY IYER. (b:1864). He married three, one after the other, the first two wives, Swarnambal, Lalitambal both died in their early age. He married a third, YOGAMBAL (b;1819). Narayanaswamy Iyer - Yogambal are my Thatha - Paatti (maternal side)

.They had 10 children - six female and four males. Thus I have four maternal uncles - மாமாக்கள் - Chidambaram Iyer, Venkata subramaniam (Raju), Krishnamoorthy, and Srinivasan.

They all lived and died  in the Maravaneri area of SALEM town. Thus I may call Salem as my mother's hometown. Saroja, Savithri, Sugavanam were born in Salem.

My periya mama Chidambaram had three sons - Narayanaswamy (Gopu), Jagannathan (Jakku), and Sugavanam (Sukku) - and two daughters - Swarnam and Lalit…


I was using a PC that was about 6-years' old. By May 2013 it started developing "faults". I thought of purchasing a new one. When I went to Bangalore during May, Ashok suggested to purchase a "All-in-one"  desktop. He took me to shops there to see a Reliance Reconnect PC (20" size).

When I returned to Chennai by mid-May 2013, I expressed this desire to Arvind. He said he would take me to the shop but we will purchase a Dell, HP, or Lenova. At the shop, we liked the HP model and Arvind ordered it thru his friend.

The 20" Desktop was delivered on Monday, the 3rd JUNE 2013. It is good, all wireless, the PC itself is WiFi. With Windows 8 loaded, it looks colorful. Cost Rs 38000 nearly.


Broad Specifications

O/s --- Windows 8 till 17 Oct 2013; then Windows 8.1 single language
Processor: Intel(R) Core (TM) i3-3220 CPU @3.30 GHz 3.30 GHz
Installed Memory --- 4 GB (3.84 GB usable)
System type --- 64 bit operating system x64-based Processor
Pen or touc…