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Rajeswari Prakash

On 1st October 2014, when I first heard that Rajeswari (43) wife of Prakash Venkatasubramaniam was afflicted with Cancer, I was speechless. We went to see her on 3rd Oct at her parents' house on the South Avenue, Thiruvanmiyur. She was pale and exhausted, hairless - it was difficult to recognise her as our Rajeswari that we know.

Then she was admitted in Apollo's for further treatment on 2nd Nov. Her condition turned worse and doctors lost all hope and suggested to take her home. She was discharged on 6th Nov, and we two went to Ambattur to see her. Prakash was inconsolable.

Next day, 7th Nov 2014, Friday, Rajeswari passed away at 0300 AM. We rushed to Ambattur after informing our relatives on phone. She was cremated at Ambattur by 12 noon.

A tragic, sad, and distressing end to an young lady. She was ever so pleasing and a gentle woman.

Born 06-02-1972. 

Very tragic. RIP


The 10th day rites was held on 16th Nov Sunday, we couldn't go as I had fever but Arun, Ashok…

We went to Coimbatore (Girl-Seeing for Satish)

RAMA, Satyamoorthy, Santosh, and Satya arrived in our house from Hyderabad on 1st November 2014. We two joined them to go to Coimbatore to see a girl for Satish. All 7 of us left by Cheran Express 10.15 PM.

The train reached Coimbatore by 6.45 AM 2nd Nov. The girl's father had booked two AC rooms at a hotel Legends' Inn just opposite to Station. After bath and breakfast, all of us left for the girl's house at Gandhinagar.

APARNAH SREE is the daughter of Ramesh - Kanchana. Kanchana is the younger sister of Shobana. All of us liked the girl and it was just a formality. We had lunch there and after chatting with them for a while, we returned to the hotel. Rama and others left for Hyderabad by 4 PM train. 

We two went to Gopalan's house in an auto and spent time with them. Dinner there and returned to the hotel. We left in the morning (3rd) for Chennai.

The marriage will be on 1st May, 2015 Friday at Coimbatore.