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Two functions on the Same Day - Part 2

Recently I wrote about two functions on the same day (Read here). That was on 02 June.

This happened again on 17th and 21 June. 17th (Thursday) was the 4th birthday of Aditi which we celebrated in the evening (Read). In the morning, there was the marriage of the daughter of Mr TS Jayaraman, my former colleague at DRDL Hyderabad. I know TSJ since 1969 from my Poona days. The marriage was at Hotel Swagath, Royapettah High Road. At the venue, I met a few of my old, almost-forgotten colleagues of 1960s to 2001. It was a pleasure to see them again after 40 or 10 years!

I had worked "under" Mr Prabhakar from 1963 to 1974 in Poona. We two went to Yugoslavia in Sept - Oct 1969 for 35 days and stayed together in Hotel Slav, Beograd (Belgrade). Those and other memories rushed when I saw him. Today he is in his late 70s and a frail man. Lives alone in Tiruvallikkeni.

On 21 June (Monday), it was a Upanayanam in the early hours (6-7.30AM). Neeraja's cousin (he is in US). Neeraja and As…