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Our Bangalore Visit - March 2010

Last time we visited Bangalore during Feb 2010 and we returned to Chennai on 6 March. We came again to Bangalore yesterday (25 March) night by Bangalore Express (dep 13:30 hrs). Arun dropped us at the station in his Santro. We could see the new complex of TN Assembly-Secretariat.

When I browsed the position online, there were 4 seats. I booked. When we saw the chart in the train, Vijaya's name was not to be found ! Took out the ticket - oh God, her seat was in a different coach! How did I miss this? She sat in C1 and I in C2. After the ticket Examiner checked all the passengers, there was quite a shuffle among passengers. It seemed 50% of the passengers were exchanging seats ! Vijaya too "exchanged" and she came to C2. It was an experience ..

We carried sugarless coffee in the recently-purchased flask, and thayir saadam in two packs. First time we are doing this. The train reached Bangalore by 8-25PM, we took a pre-paid auto to Meenakshi temple where Neeraja and Ashok wer…