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Vaithisvaran Koil - 27 Oct 2011

We went to Vaithisvaran Koil on 27th Oct 2011. This is our FIFTH visit since 2007.

I, Vijaya, Arun, Ashok, Neeraja, Arvind, Sowmya, Aditi, and Sriram left house at 7 AM in a call taxi for Egmore. Gayathri and Krithika couldn't come.The train (Cholan Express) left at 0820 AM. Ashok had booked our tickets in 3 AC both ways and the travel was a pleasure. 

Earlier, Vijaya, Krithika, Neeraja had prepared Idli, Lemon rice, and Thayir Saatham for our trip. We ate these on the way, and reached V-Koil by 2 PM. I had booked three rooms at Balambikai Lodge (500.00 per.)

After refreshing ourselves, we went to the temple and performed archanai to all the five Deities - Vinayakar, Swami, Ambal, Muthukumara swami, Angarakan. Returning to the lodge, we slept after a nice dinner.

Next morning, on 28th, after bath etc, we again went to the Koil and worshipped Lord Vaithyanatha Swami. Lunch at 1000, and then we left for station. The train arrived by 11-30 AM and we reached Egmore by 6 PM. Arun, Ashok, N…

Our Bangalore Visit - November 2011

We two left Chennai on Saturday, 29 Oct 2011, 1140 AM, for Bangalore. With Ashok, and Neeraja in their Ford Figo car. It was our first travel to Bangalore in car.

It was a bit sunny and bright till we reached Kanchipuram junction (1-30PM); however, once we travelled 1 km ahead, it started pouring - very heavy rain, torrential. Rains continued, no abatement, till we reached Krishnagiri. We reached house at Bangalore by 7 PM. Car travel was most enjoyable.

30 Oct 2011 - Sunday
We went to Meenakshi Mall, one km away from Ashok's house. A huge mall on 4 floors. Ashok purchased lots of things.

01 Nov 2011 - Tuesday.
At 9 AM we left for City station from where we boarded the Shatabdi Express at 1100 for Mysore. Ramani also came with us. Read about our Mysore trip in detail in a seperate post. A marriage function was there in Mysore.
On our way to Mysore in Shatabdi Express
02 Nov 2011 - Wednesday Attended the marriage at Mysore. Back in Bangalore by Mayiladuthurai Express 6-45 PM.
03 Nov 2011 - …

Marriage at Mysore - 2 Nov 2011

Mr Gokulan of Mysore is a distant cousin of Vijaya and he and his wife Jayanti Gokulan invited us for the marriage of his son Barath Narayanan with Saumya d/o (late) Suryakumar of Pune. The marriage was at Mysore on 2 Nov 2011. Both he and the bride's side are related to Vijaya, so we decided to attend the marriage, though we haven't met Gokul at all.

We went to Bangalore on 29th Oct with Ashok and from there we proceeded to Mysore on 1st Nov by Shatabdi express. Ramani also came with us. We reached the Kalyana mandapam by 1-30 in the afternoon after two hours travel. Indira and Lalitha had already reached from Chennai in the morning.

A large number of relatives were present. Many of them we meet after a decade or two; some of them we met for the first time. The relation of Vijaya with these persons is :::

Vijaya's mother is ANNAPOORANI ==> Annapoorani's father is CHELLAPPA (grandfather of Vijaya).

Chellappa's younger brother was NARAYANA IYER ==> Narayana Iyer h…