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Tour Diary 03 - Mumbai


Visit to Pune.

24 Sep 2007 Monday.
Went to Santacruz market to purchase some eats - it was raining. Lunch and at 1-45PM we two left by auto for Bandra Station. I stood in one of the ten Qs for tickets, and as I approached the counter it was closed ! I stood again in another Q nad got the ticket. The local started from Bandra by 3-00 and we reached VT (now, CST) by 3-30.

Got into the Pragati Express in PF 11. Left VT at 4-25PM and reached Shivajinagar, Pune at 7-45PM. Took an auto (60.00) to Dapodi to Sundaresan's house. We had to take a divert as there was a Ganapati visarjan procession.Meals.

Arvind had come to Mumbai this morning and he has now gone to Bangalore. He and Ashok phoned from Bangalore. Arvind is going to France on 1 Oct.

T20 Finals - IND beat PAK. I could say it was a lucky win. But a great win.

Sowmya's mudi irakkuthal this morning at Kaliyaperumal Koil Ariyalur. After this, Arun etc went to Kumbakonam Tirukarugavur Koil and then started back for Chennai.

25 S…

Tour Diary 02, Mumbai


16 Sep 2007 Sunday
As we reached house, Ganesan was ready with vada paav for us. After this and then lunch, we all (except Subhadra Manni) left for seeing the Ganapatis. Readour experince

17 Sep 2007, Monday
Got up at 0730. Sundaresan phoned. He is leaving for Pune this afternoon. Sudhakar is leaving for Germany in the night (0230AM).

Evening at 5, we two walked towards Santacruzrailway station - we had travelled on this road many years ago - the Potdar school on this road has changed beyond description. We saw a couple of Ganapatis in the station road.On our way back, we walked along SV road where Arun was born in Kashibai Nursing Home. This nursing home has been demolished and was not to be found. 7PM or so NIRUPAMA came and she & Vijaya went out to purchase dinner for all of us - Paav bhaji, and ice cream. Niru left at 11PM. An enjoyable day.

18 Sep 2007 Tuesday.
Rains in Mumbai. I initiated Ganesan to Blogs. Announcement in media that there would be no water for 24 hours t…

Ganapati Bappa Visarjan, Mumbai

Ganapati Bappa - Visarjan.

The Ganapati idols that are kept for pooja in individual houses and Sarvajanik Mandals are bid a warm sendoff after 3/5/7/9/11 days. These idols are immersed in water (sea / river) and this is known as Visarjan.

Visarjan is celebrated with gaiety, passion, and bhakti in Maharashtra. On 19th Sept 2007 we went to Juhu beach in the evening just to spend a few minutes by the sea. We were not aware of Visarjan that day. As we walked along the Juhu beach road, we could see many Ganapatis taken in procession towards the beach.

On the sands of the beachfront, there were dozens of families - big and small - with their Ganapatis. They carry the idols either in their hands or (mostly) in a push cart. Many bring them in auto-rickshaws or in their swanky cars. The entire family - thatha, paatti, son / daughter, grand-children - come to the farewell party.

As soon as they reach the sands, they put a kolam on the sands and keep the idol within the square. They take out the poo…

Ganapati Bappa - GSB Ganapati, Mumbai


Vijaya and I reached Mumbai on 16th Sep for a fortnight's stay here. We (it was Ashok-Neeraja to be precise) chose this time because it coincides with the festivities in Maharashtra particularly and the entire India in general - Ganeshotsav Festival.

Even though I have lived in Maharashtra during the 60's and early 70's, I have never visited Bombay during Ganeshotsav - this is my first time. The same evening (on 16th) we planned to "see" at least one Ganapati Seva Mandal. Vijaya's elder brother said there are two most important Mandals to choose from and he himself chose the GSB.

This Seva Mandal organised by Gowd Saraswat Brahmin (GSB) community has been functioning for the past 50 plus years. This community is originally from South Kanara, Karnataka, but are now spread all over India, particularly in Mumbai. The Ganesh idol they install is 17 feet tall. It is at the Kings Circle (Wadala, Matunga).
This is supposed to be the RICHES…

Mumbai Tour Diary 01

THE FLIGHT 16 Sep 2007 Sunday.

Vijaya and I woke up by 5AM, took bath, were ready by 6-45. Arvind took us to the Meenambakkam airport in his car. We were quite thrilled and I was a bit tense also. This was our first flight, you know. Checked in, got the Security formality completed, sat in the lounge.

Many flights were being announced continuosly. To think that barely a decade ago, there was just one airliner in India !Our GoIndiGo flight was announced at 0815 - at Gate 1. Gates 1 to 4 are in GF and 5-8 are in FF in Chennai. An AC bus took us to the waiting aircraft. carried our suitcase and bag as Cabin baggage only. We entered the aircraft - a A320 airbus - with a child's eagerness! We took ourseats 7A & 7B and after a few seconds' fighting with it we could fasten our seat belts!!

The flight took off at 0850 and it was smooth and noiseless. The last time I had travelled in an aircraft was during Sep 1969 (to Rome / Beograd), and I remember all passengers were given cotton t…



For those who did not read newspapers in the past two days —

Day before yesterday, on 12th, the Archeological Survey of India (ASI), submitted an affidavit (a written declaration upon oath made before an authorized official.) to the Supreme Court.

The ASI Director told the SC, in effect, that, “we don’t believe that Shri Rama existed; we don’t believe in Ram or Ramayana. There is no incontrovertble proof anywhere.” This submission by Govt of India stunned many, but as usual, all the main stream newspapers did not bother to comment or protest. I get two newspapers - DC chose to publish a watered down version in page 6 or 7, but Express totally ignored it !!

With elections in Gujarat coming up in 2 - 3 months, Sonia Gandhi sensed the imminent danger - and took the Govt to task. The damage-control machinery swung to action, the Law Minister telling, “it was not Law ministry who drafted this, but the Culture ministry.” A new supplementary draft was hurriedly prepared with th…

Komala's Restaurant


This is a restaurant that has opened its branch (second in Chennai) in Mylapore recently. Located in Ramakrishna Mutt Road, very near Luz signal (P Orr & Sons complex), this opened a couple of weeks ago.

Pleasing and very quiet peaceful ambiance, air-conditioned comfort, very neat interior. Serves pure South and North Indian (and some Chinese also) Vegetarian food. Dosais are the popular items and there are a dozen or more varieties of dosais served here. Tasty also.

Cost-wise, could I say "reasonable"? If you would consider a plain dosai for Rs 21.00, a masala dosai at Rs 35.00, a Onion Rava Masala at Rs 35.00, Sambhar / Rasam Vadai at Rs. 28.00, it is "reasonable". Would you?

As ardent explorers of Mylapore and its ambiance, I and Vijaya have already visited this eatery twice. Yesterday I had an urge to eat Dahi Vada but unfortunately they hadn't prepared it. I wasn't ready to settle for Sambhar / rasam Vadai, which they offered instead.